Saturday, 15 December 2012


QuotesThis E-mail is to commend Sysco InfoTech for a good performance in Sifa Motors Networking& AMC Services They brought forward good qualities such as IT Training, Network Infrastructure(IMS) & computer AMC services that are needed to perform well 
in the competitive level. I wish Sysco all the best for the future endevaour.
Peer Mohamed .R
MD-Sifa Motors
QuotesI would like to thank Sysco Infotech for Network infrastructure management and Computer Networking AMC services in Tata Sky
Shanmugamanivel T
Service Manager - Tata groups
QuotesI am trained at Sysco InfoTech and got the placement in Wipro Infotech. Thanks to sysco Team.Quotes
Ganesh N
System Administrator - Wipro

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